Description du projet

Mathilde Demory is working for the City of Nice in the « Innovation and Prospective departement » for the Public Health Direction. Health engineer, she gratuated in Canada with a master in health promotion. She worked in Canada for 3 years as a health promoter before working in Paris for the Fondation Médéric Alzheimer. Interested in developing innovative home-based concepts for maintaining people at home and incrasing quality of care for citizens, she is  developing with local, national and european steakholders a supportive ecosystem to intiate collaborative projects. Attractive territory in the field of innovation for health, the City of Nice integrates technological innovation in the public health policies. Mobilizing the political and institutional stakeholders, the medical and medico-social healthcare professionnals, research laboratories, start-ups and companies and ethical bodies, is now the structural ambition of the City of Nice to maintain people at home longer and safer.